Monday, August 17, 2009

32x32 - iPhone Pixel-art editor

Recently I've stumbled on some rather strange tool - a Pixel-Art editor for iPhone.
It's called 32x32 and it costs 0,79 Euro at the iTunes. The more important questions is - is it any good?
Well, first of all - you can only create 32 by 32 pixels artworks. And you only get 5 colors (all grayscale).
I guess that would be enough for some uses, but here we come to the major flaw - the usability of this app is very poor.
You need to use both hands (one to control the position of the brush and second to tap to use the current tool).
Moreover - if you would like to change the tool you need to tap with the finger you're using for controlling the cursor.
Oh - btw. there's no zoom as well.
So - final verdict is: 32x32 is pretty useless in any real work scenario. But if you spend a lot of time doing nothing (you travel for example). And you would like to create some sketches of icons you will work on later - I guess 32x32 will do the trick.


  1. Najpierw musiałbym dorobić się iPhone'a-i tu jest problem;) Co nie zmienia faktu ze taka zabaweczka by mi wystarczyła żeby zabić nudę choćby w pociągu;)


  2. Here's a nicer app:


    * Support for JPG, PNG file formats
    * Full support for Windows ICO file format including multiple images per file
    * Colour palettes from monochrome to Truecolor with alpha transparency
    * Unlimited undo levels
    * 3 brush sizes
    * Paint, fill, line, box, ellipse tools
    * Image sizes up to 256×256
    * Colour palette editing
    * Import favicon from web site
    * Export images via FTP or send by email